Video Appointments

Where appropriate, you can attend your consultation online via a video call. Video calling is as convenient as a phone call, with the added value of face-to-face communication. It can save you time and money, and brings your care closer to home.

Where do I go to attend my video appointment? Go To:

Instead of travelling to your appointment, you enter the clinic’s online waiting areas. The health service is notified when you arrive and your clinician will join you when ready. There is no need to create an account. No information you enter is stored.

What do I need to make a video call? A good connection on the internet. If you can watch a video online (e.g. YouTube) you can make a video call. A private, well lit area where you will not be disturbed during the consultation. One of these: Google Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop, or on an Android tablet or smartphone. Safari web browser on an Apple iMac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone. Web-camera, speaker and microphone already built into laptops or mobile devices. Any new smartphone or iPad will have these built in.

Is it secure? Video calls are secure; your privacy is protected. You have your own private video room that only authorised clinicians can enter.

How much internet data will be used? You don’t use any data while waiting for a clinician to join you. An Attend Anywhere video call uses a similar amount of data to Skype or FaceTime (Copyright Registered).

How much does a video call cost? The video call is free (except for your internet usage). Smartphone and tablet users. If you can , connect to a home or work Wi-Fi network to avoid using your mobile data allowance.